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Cradle of birth

by Vishnu Hari Kumar

My angst with a truth-ridden world

The fuming chimneys of facts

The pervasive alacrity with which science hops

Up and down along the sidewalks

That they bled red with myths and stories

Allegories and parables

Of half truths and serendipity

A street cobbled with legends

Each one tainted, worn off and polished

Mud-walled horizons crept upon

By upturned roots of a Banyan tree

Of remembrances that go beyond birth and

Of ignorance, oh my beloved

Truth upon truth unveiled and shun

All epistemic whispers turned gibberish

I sat outstretched upon the throne of falling memories

Letting the water rush through my pelvic abhorrence

Cleansing it of all realisations

And the humming that you can’t hear

But pokes it’s primeval rhythm

Permeating through your skin

Of all time lost and slowing down

The water flowing coming to a standstill

Until the lullaby becomes the tangible beat of life

And all life dies in a morose fading majenta

I draw inwards and seep into the crevices

And soon will be unseen

But will lay with sparkling eyes and complete ignorance

On the cradle of birth rocked by myths and hymns

That makes no sense and has no verse

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